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Vallejo - Auxiliary Set (x8)


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Vallejo - Auxiliary Set (x8), VAL73999

This set includes eight basic products useful for putting the final touch to a painted model or diorama. It contains three kinds of Mediums, three Washes of different shades, a Matt Varnish and a Decal Fix.

- Acrylic Matte Varnish is a water-based quick-drying acrylic top coat used to protect painted models from dust, scratches and humidity. It should be applied at least 24 hours after the painting.

- Glaze Medium is a slow-drying transparent acrylic glaze used to increase transparency and bind pigments together. It can be applied with a soft brush or airbrush.

- Matte Medium a water-based medium used to soften the brush strokes and blend colors together.

- Decal Medium is an alcohol-based decal "softener" used to make decals more flexible.

- Decal Fix is a transparent water-based matte acrylic liquid applied over decals to protect them. 

- Washes are used to increase contrast and create depth on small parts in cavities of the model.

    8 x 17ml bottles with an eye-dropper

    VAL520 Matt Varnish
    VAL540 Matt Medium
    VAL596 Glaze Medium
    VAL73200 Sepia Wash
    VAL73201 Black Wash
    VAL73202 Pale Wash
    VAL73212 Decal Medium
    VAL73213 Decal Fix

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