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Meng Model 1:35 - Soviet T-10M Heavy Tank


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Meng Model 1:35 - Soviet T-10M Heavy Tank - Plastic model kit #TS-018

With the start of the Cold War in the late 1940's the Soviets made a decision to bring into development the IS series of heavy tanks (IS - "Iosif Stalin", Russian for "Joseph Stalin"). Based on the IS-3 model, the first prototypes were designated IS-8 and IS-9. In 1952 the new vehicle was put into production under the name IS-10, however with the beginning of the de-Stalinization period following Stalin's death in 1953 it was renamed the T-10.

The T-10 adopted many features of the earlier IS models, e.g. it was armed with an enhanced 122 mm gun M1931/37 from the IS-2 and IS-3 tanks. The main improvements of the T-10 consisted of a larger turret mount, a better diesel engine, thicker armour and a hull extended to fit an engine cooling system. Also, the T-10 had seven pairs of road wheels unlike the IS-3 which had only six. In general, the T-10 showed similar performance as the IS-3, however it had more room for ammunition. In combat T-10 tanks were mainly used as a support to infantry troops and during breakthrough operations.

The T-10M was an upgraded version of the T-10 which entered production in 1957 at both the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant and the Kirov Plant. The major difference concerned the armament of the tank: the new M-62-TS gun was longer than the previous M1931/37 and featured a unique multi-slotted muzzle brake (a device that reduces recoil of the gun) as well as a fume extractor (a device on the gun barrel that prevents toxic gases from getting inside the vehicle's fighting compartment). 

The development of more powerful engines, better suspension systems and light composite armour made it possible to increase tank firepower, armour protection and mobility. These developments allowed for replacing heavy tanks with lighter medium tanks. The T-10 was phased out in the 1960's and, along with the rest of the Soviet heavy tanks, replaced with the T-64, T-72, T-80 and other medium tanks.

Kit details:

- Clear lights, periscopes and optical equipment included
- Movable torsion bar suspension
- Cement-free workable tracks
- Movable crew hatches
- Main gun barrel can be elevated
- Precise photo-etch parts
- Four paint schemes included

Length: 305mm
Width: 97mm

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Category: Meng Model Tanks

Type: Tanks

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