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Meng Model 1:35 - German Main Battle Tank Leopard 1 A3/A4


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Meng Model 1:35 - German Main Battle Tank Leopard 1 A3/A4 - Plastic model kit #TS-007

The Leopard 1 is a main battle tank which was developed in West Germany and entered production in 1965. The project was commissioned by the Bundeswehr in order to replace the M47 and M48 Patton tanks, already outdated by that time. The project had started as a collaborative program between West Germany, France and Italy, however the partnership ended when the first prototypes were built - Italy and France decided to focus on their own technologies. The German model was designed by Porsche. In total, over 4,000 Leopard battle tanks have been produced, excluding prototypes and anti-aircraft vehicles.

By 1980, several modifications of the Leopard 1 had been issued including the Leopard 1A3 and the Leopard 1A4. The 1A3 version featured a welded turret which was much heavier than the turrets of its predecessors and also had better armour with a wedge-type gun mantlet. The commander's compartment was equipped with an improved TRP 2A independent sight. The 1A4 model was upgraded with a new computerised fire control system and a new sighting system, but in general it was quite similar to the Leopard 1A3.

Exported worldwide, the Leopard series saw action during the Bosnian War, the Kurdish–Turkish conflict and the War in Afghanistan. It still remains in use in a number of countries such as Brazil, Chile, Greece and Turkey.

Kit details:
- Periscopes and lights with clear parts
- All hatches modelled open or closed
- Armour protection and grilles for engine compartment can be presented with PE parts
- Track links and one-piece TPE tracks included
- Decals for three options: German Leopard 1 A3/A4 or Greek Leopard 1 A3

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