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HobbyBoss 1:35 Soviet T-18 Light Tank MOD1927


The T-18 was the first light tank developed in the Soviet Union. Its design was based on the French Renault FT and improved by addition of a vertically sprung suspension to increase the tank speed over rough terrains. The T-18 was also called MS-1, an abbreviation of "Maliy Soprovozhdeniya, Perviy" meaning "Support vehicle, small, type 1".

The first prototype was built in 1927. Designated the T-16, it was powered by a 35 hp truck engine and armed with a 37 mm gun, a modification of the French Puteaux SA 18 cannon. Unable to overcome trenches wider than 1.5 m, the T-16 was replaced by the T-18 which entered production in 1928.

The T-18 was considered an improvement over both the T-16 and the Renault FT. Its armament consisted of a French 37 mm Model 28 cannon and a double-barrelled 6.5 mm Fyodorov machine gun. Overall ammunition included 104 x 37 mm shells and 2,016 x 6.5 mm cartridges. The turret was protected with 8 mm curved plates and a 3 mm mushroom-style cap. The hull armour was 16 mm thick and 3 mm plates were used on the bottom of the tank. The maximum road speed was 18 km/h. However, the T-18 still had problems with crossing trenches and ditches more than 2 m wide and 1.2 m deep.

T-18 tanks were used in service during the Sino-Soviet conflict of 1929. When Germany attacked the Soviet Union in 1940, several T-18s were renewed with 45 mm guns and renamed the T-18M to take part in combat. Despite of the fact that the T-18 design was proved unsuccessful, it was the first step towards more advanced Soviet armoured vehicles. 

Item No: 83873
Item Name: Soviet T-18 Light Tank MOD1927
Scale: 1:35
Item Type: Plastic Model Armour Kit
Model Dimension: Length 113mm, Width: 67.8mm
Total Plastic Parts: 250+
Total Sprues: 6 sprues, turret and lower hull
Photo Etched Parts: 1
Release Date: 2016-04

- The kit consists of over 250 parts
- The kit with refined detail
- Multi-slide moulded lower hull
- Photo-etched parts included
- Individual tracks

Collections: All, Soviet, Vehicles

Category: HobbyBoss Tanks

Type: Tanks

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