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AK Interactive - Track and Wheels Set


These paints are designed for creating realistic effects on all types of wheels and tracks. The Black colour included in this set has a satin finish and is perfect for new tires, while Dark Grey is best for worn old tires. The set also includes two new shades of track colours: Rust colour for fresh rust like that on the tracks of abandoned AFVs, and Dark Tracks for operational treads. Finally, there are Mud and Dust acrylics for creating realistic weathering effects on your vehicles.

These paints are suitable for brush and airbrush use. They are water soluble, odourless and do not require aggressive solvents for cleaning. AK Interactive special formula prevents paints from clogging in your airbrush.

Includes: AK719 Satin black, AK720 Rubber/Tires, AK721 Rusty Tracks, AK722 Dark Tracks, AK723 Dust, AK724 Dry light mud

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Category: AK Interactive Weathering

Type: Paints

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