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AK Interactive - M-44 Camouflage Uniforms


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This set of six paints is designed for recreating the legendary uniforms used by German troops during the Second World War. These high quality paints are matte, and have great covering and drying abilities to maximise your potential for figure painting. 

You can apply these paints with a brush or an airbrush. If using an airbrush, they should first be diluted with a specific thinner for acrylic paints. The colours are based on original photographs and surviving uniforms, which allows you to easily replicate the famous camouflage schemes.

6 x 17ml paints
AK3021 M-44 Base
AK3022 M-44 Light Spots & Dots
AK3023 M-44 Dark Spots & Dots
AK3024 M-44 Light Green Dots
AK3025 M-44 Midtone Green Dots
AK3026 Global Light Shade

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