Mig Productions - 20 ml Pigments


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Includes: 1 x 20 ml bottle

Pigments are used for finishing your models and are perfectly suited for creating weathering effects. They allow you to achieve a wide variety of effects - rust, smoke, dust, mud, dirt and rain marks, ash and many more.

Pigments are essentially coloured powder, and various techniques can be used to apply them. The main options are drybrushing to a finished model, mixing with thinners to achieve a paste texture, and mixing with acrylic resin for creating mud effects and raised textures.

Mig Productions pigments make it easy for modellers of all levels to produce highly detailed models and realistic weathering effects. They can be used for drybrushing and applied using acrylic resin, pigment fixer or thinners.

MIG00036 Allied Green
MIG00040 Volcanic Sand
MIG00041 Fresh Wood
MIG00042 Ocre Rust
MIG00044 Burnt Steel Blue
MIG00048 Faded Green
MIG00049 Fresh Green
MIG00051 Faded Bronze Green
MIG00052 Bright Iron

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