Meng Model 1:35 British Tank Mk.A Whippet and British Infantry


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Meng Model 1:35 - British Tank Mk.A Whippet and British Infantry - Plastic model kit #021S

Designed during WWI, the British medium tank Mark A was intended to be used in assaults that required fast speed and high mobility. It was nicknamed "Whippet" for the capacity to travel at the speed of 14 km/h which exceeded twice the velocity of its predecessor, the Mk.IV. Protected by 14 mm armour and armed with four Hotchkiss M1909 machine guns, the Mark A weight reached 14 tonnes. After the war, the Whippet was deployed during British military actions in Ireland, Northern Russia and Manchuria, but it was soon replaced by the Mk.B and Mk.C. 

This kit is complemented with four Master Box figures of British infantrymen wearing Brodie helmets and carrying a Lewis M1914 machine gun and Lee-Enfield rifles. Paint and glue are not included. 

Dimensions: Length 174mm, Width 74.8mm

- The kit includes three paint schemes
- Fully detailed exterior with finely reproduced drive sprockets and drive chains
- Movable machine guns
- Cement-free track links

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